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Friday, April 18, 2008

Do I trust Katelyn?

Ok now she is scaring me, Katelyn told me that she had a dream last night, and she said that we had four babies, and they were all in their swings, and they were all crying at once. She was so frustrated with the noise that she had to go outside to get away from it. I am hoping that she is just so excited that she keeps seeing lots of baby's at once! We all know that mentally I can not handle that. I love my sleep way to much!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last week was crazy!

Monday was cleaning closets day.
Tuesday was our home study.
Wednesday I spent the whole day with my brother down in Murray talking to his lawyer.
Thursday I went to Delta and back to watch my niece play softball, which by the way she won both games she played, and she hit some amazing balls. Congratulations Megan you did awesome!!
Friday came and I did mostly nothing except go grocery shopping (my poor family has had no food for like two weeks) but all of you know that when you do major grocery shopping it takes like three hours of your day by the time you buy get it all home and put away.
Saturday we had to be at the Energy Solutions Center at nine thirty for Katelyn's competition, stayed there until twelve. Then went to baby Kara's one year old birthday party. Jen my sister came into town and we went to dinner and then back to the competition so Katelyn could dance again. She did an awesome job, and took first on the last dance that she performed. They also did a free dance where all the girls got down on the floor and just danced however they wanted to. She was in heaven!!!
Sunday was finally a kind of relaxing day except the usual breakfast and dinner. Conference was great on Sunday, I feel really enriched and ready to face another six months. It was really weird to see Monson as president but I look forward to the future to see what new guidance he will bring to the church!!
So now I am glad that week is over and hopefully things will slow down now! Probably not but we will see what each new week brings!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home Study

Well the home study was today, it went really well she was here about three hours, she only spent about 15 minutes looking at the house, and about two and a half hours talking to us at the table. She went through a ton of questions, like how do we discipline, how do we run things in our house on a day to day basis, and what kind of people are we, what are our strengths and our weaknesses. It was crazy, we wrote all this stuff down on paper before, and she was here to actually talk about it with us. I spent so much time on making my house look good, and I cleaned every bit of my house, and that was not really the big focus of her visit today. It was weird, actually, when we left our classes in January, they put so much emphasis on making your house safe, and that was not the big focus today. She did make several comments about how clean my house was, which is a good thing I guess!! I was surprised to hear that she will not have all the paper work done until end of April first of May. She did say that the need for foster care is so great now that they have a rule that you can not have more then two children under the age of two in your home at a time, and caseworkers have been breaking that rule, just to get these kids in a home! How sad is that?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh My Gosh "Closets!!!"

Today was clean our closets day!! I took four boxes of baby clothes to the DI!!(most of it was my neice Megan's clothes that were so out of style we about died laughing, she is fourteen now, so you can imagine what kind of stuff we ran into) I took one box and five garbage sacks full of clothes from my closet!! I bought bins to organize all the baby clothes, we labeled each box so no matter what age or what size of baby we get, I can just go to the right bin and the right size of stuff, and now we are all ready for a new baby to come into our home!! Thanks to the Fausett family, and the Zollinger family for all their help getting us ready for our home study!!! We couldn't have done it without you!!! Moral of this story is the state makes you have the safest house, so if I ever watch your kids at my home, you can be reassured that this is a safe house!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mark and I were in St. George for a Softball tournament for Megan (my niece). We were getting ready and asked Nancy for her ironing board and iron. Mark's shirt was extremely wrinkled and so he took his off and ironed it himself. Mine was a little wrinkled and so I thought to myself, I will just do a little ironing while my shirt was on my body!! I told Mark this idea and he said to me "no just take it off and iron it." And so that made me even more determined to do it my way and show him that I could do this and it would work. So I started with the iron on my belly, worked like a charm. So I continued to move up to the sleeve area, and I went a little too far, and touched the iron to my arm. I immediately gasped and Mark came in the room to where I was, he said "are you ok?" I covered my burn and told him "I'm good." I then just started laughing so hard and showed him what I had done. Scott and Nancy kept saying what is going on up there, because I was laughing at myself so hard. It has been two weeks and it got really really pink as the day went on, and now is looking better. I have had lots of people in my ward ask if it is a tattoo, but once I tell them what happened they always say "only you Jami would try something like that." Moral of the story always take your shirts off your body to iron them. Don't try this at home!

This is what it looks like now, you can imagine what it looked like two weeks ago!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Katelyn thinks she has special powers!

So this morning when Katelyn was talking to her dad at work she wanted to give him a kiss, so she kissed the phone and said did you feel that dad? Then she tickled the phone and dad played along and said stop, stop that tickles. Then she continued with a butterfly kiss and a bunny kiss. She is so cute and funny with the things she comes up with. Dads are gone way too much providing for our families, the kids have to be creative I guess to connect with them. (which by the way Katelyn and I really appreciate all that Mark does to make sure we have the things we need) Thanks Honey!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Katelyn is so in tune!!

Katelyn woke up this morning and was just really giddy and happy, you would have thought we were headed to Disneyland or something this morning. So I asked her why she was so happy, she said that she had a dream that we had a baby. She was holding the baby and she(meaning the baby) had a head band with a bow on it in her hair. She said that she just held the baby for a really long time, and she was the big sister. She also so said something which I thought was interesting, she said that we did not go to the hospital to get the baby, it just came here, all by itself!! She has such a sweet spirit, and she has been in tune to this whole baby thing the whole time. She has always said that we will get our baby when she is six. She has been saying that for about a year and a half now. If it were not for her this whole process would have been a lot harder. She has had such faith when I wanted to give up, it was her that kept me going. Just when I would convince myself that we were going to be happy with just our sweet Katelyn, it was her that would bring me back to the fact that there are more children out there that are supposed to be apart of our family.